The Crew

In Between Songs began as a kernel of an idea in an attempt to capture and understand the mystery of traditional Aboriginal didjeridu. 15 years, 4 location shoots, countless obstacles and thousands of tireless hours later, the film emerged.

Joshua Bell
Writer, Director, Producer, Co-Editor


Joshua Bell is a filmmaker who strives to infuse soul and substance into his work. His short and feature length documentaries have generated serious buzz at festivals worldwide, receiving nods from media giants such as The New York Times and The Huffington Post.

With a BA from Reed College in English and Creative Writing and an MFA from USC's School of Cinematic Arts, Joshua has single-mindedly dedicated his last fifteen years to commercial, music video and short and feature film production.

Currently, he is producing a feature documentary tentatively titled Life of a Gun, for UX Entertainment.


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James Cromwell


Oscar nominated, Emmy and SAG Award Winning actor and social activist James Cromwell has appeared in hundreds of primetime television series and Hollywood blockbusters.


Some of his most notable credits include Six Feet Under, American Horror Story, Babe, L.A. Confidential, The Green Mile, W. and The Artist.


As a longtime supporter of social action issues, James’ contributions personally and professionally are a testament to his depth of character and his deadication to causes that matter. 

August Thurmer
Cinematographer, Associate Producer


Drawn towards powerful images, August Thurmer's foundation is in crafting visually powerful and beautiful images. August has a background as a cameraman in both commercials and documentary films. Working with great directors on iconic commercials and music videos has informed his visual vocabulary while shooting documentaries keeps him looking for new ways to capture real emotions and stories.


August was raised in northern New Mexico and has been working around the world for ten years. Travel, adventure, passion, and beauty are the cornerstones of what motivates his work.

David Hopper


David Hopper has been a filmmaker since childhood, making commercials for local businesses in his hometown on his handheld VHS recorder.


After earning his degree in Communications at DePauw University, he headed West to follow his dream of having a career in film.  He attended the School of Cinematic Art at the University of Southern California, where he earned his MFA with a concentration in film editing.


David’s editing helps to tell evocative stories that audiences have enjoyed and critics have praised.  He has cut several award winning projects in many genres including music videos, documentaries, feature and short films and webisodes.  His most recent credits include the cult classic, God Bless America written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, the SXSW award winning film, Kelly and Cal starring Juliette Lewis and Johnny Weston and the irreverent web series, The Adventures of Fatty and Tatty, staring Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme from the comedy troupe, Broken Lizard.

Richard Hama
Second Camera

Long time collaborator and gifted cinematographer, Richard Hama, is a professional in every sense of the word. His critical eye, and unwavering comitment to story, consistently yields tremendous benefits to his teammates.

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Damon Aaron


As a staple in the Los Angeles music scene, Damon Aaron has released LP’s for regarded indie labels Ubiquity and Plug Research.  From his session and stage work with Mike Simpson (Dust Brothers), Breakestra, Anthony Valadez, Ethio-Cali and Rocky Dawuni, to his numerous original compositions for acclaimed short and feature films, Damon’s approach is truly unique. His most recent project, Contact Field Orchestra melds found sounds, hand-built percussion, hacked toys and tall tails into an awe inspiring sonic tapestry. 

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Kirk Sullivan



The son of an independent filmmaker, Kirk Sullivan moved West to chase a career in movies by attending the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. Following graduation, he directed various music videos before working on numerous independent features and studio films such as SHRINK, THE LOSERS and SHERLOCK HOLMES 2.  He is currently working for producer Joel Silver on the Warner Bros. lot while continuing to develop his own feature projects.